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Financial Empowerment for All

November 8, 2022

At Raiz we understand that the journey of achieving financial success looks different for everyone. Your goals are what motivate us and we are here to help you get there. By weaving the values of Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, Belonging, and Accessibility (DEIBA) into our organization, we focus on empowering our community by breaking boundaries and realizing what’s possible for all we serve.

Since 2019, Raiz, formerly TFCU, made it a point to incorporate DEBIA into its five-year strategic plan. Beginning with partnering with organizations who share their DEIBA values, and working closely with Ronaldo Hardy, CU Strategic Planning Chief People Officer and Owner. CU Strategic Planning has brought training, education, and certifications, to the Board of Directors, Senior Management, and employees.

Raiz is honored to have their DEIBA efforts recognized by Inclusiv, a network of community development credit unions with a mission of financial inclusion, as a credit union in the El Paso area with a Juntos Avanzamos designation. An award for serving and empowering Hispanic communities by providing safe, affordable, and relevant financial services.

Raiz FCU CEO and President, Max Villaronga had the opportunity to speak with Experian about our credit union’s dedication to DEIBA. You can learn more about our efforts in their article: How Credit Unions Can Improve Financial Inclusion.

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